Invertersystems Genius

Genius HWI / MFI

The Genius system is a modular control system consisting of one board rack for several plug in modules and different packages of software.

The motherboard and welding sequence board are the basic system of the Genius control. By anymore hardware
modules like fieldbus cards or I/O cards this device is very adaptively.

Additionally the different packages of software allows a very flexible using of the system. This Genius system is integrated in different types of inverters.

Genius HWI

For the GeniusHWI inverter, the Genius control is put on the established HWH power part of the HWI2800 type series. This type series is available with the power range of 30 kVA up to 360 kVA. The product descriptions of the variants are provided in the individual product sheets. For these sheets you can order our Product Catalog. Order the catalog here.