Milco Manufacturing has been a pioneer in resistance welding equipment since 1950, producing hydraulic, pneumatic, and servo welding products. Milco’s world class weld gun technology has allowed us to place our weld guns into leading manufacturing facilities around the world.

Built on a foundation and philosophy of “true manufacturers” we remain the “standard” for our clients. Because we control every aspect of the manufacturing and construction of our guns, we can maintain a level of quality and service few can manage.

The secret behind the Milco servo weld gun technology is the ability to manage a wide range of tip forces and the ease of adjustability. This freedom of adjustability allows us to develop an answer for our client needs, rather than trying to fit them into our products.

Our specific offerings are below:

 ROBOTIC  ProjectionWeld
RoboticMilco leads the way in both pneumatic and servo robotic welding technology. Milco equipment is compatible with all the major robot manufactures. Projection WeldingAs an established custom manufacturer of projection welding equipment the Milco team is able to supply everything from fixtures to complete turnkey systems.
 Manual  Fixture guns in color
ManualManual guns have been a part of the Milco Manufacturing product line since 1950. We offer a full line of equipment from classic cable guns to the state of the art integrated transformer guns and systems. FixtureMilco is a reliable resource for clients with over 50,000 Milco fixture guns currently in use around the world.
SpecializedMilco has earned a strong reputation for developing custom welding solutions when project conditions prohibit the use of standard products.